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Happy New Year Wargamers!

Happy New Year Everyone! Our Family’s News It has been an eventful year for our family.  My son, Anthony, John Hill’s grandson, graduated from high school.  One of the things that Anthony said when my mother and I took him…
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Get Your ADF Rulebooks via Ebay

Get Your ADF Rulebooks via Ebay Through this tribute site you may now Get Your ADF Rulebooks by John Hill via Ebay – if you are doing any kind of shopping for the holidays and have a wargamer amongst your family…
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John at the Colorado Railroad Museum

John Hill: Train Enthusiast As many of you know, my father, John Hill was a train enthusiast.  He had a well developed residential garden scale model train in his backyard.  He had always loved trains ever since he was young….
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Video of My Father’s Ashes Being Scattered

Video for Friends, Family and Fans of John Hill: Scattering His Ashes As many of you know, John Hill, designed of ADF and Squad Leader, passed away on January 12, 2015 of a sudden heart attack.  The video below is…
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John and His Trains

Scale Model Shop In addition to being an award-winning wargame designer, John Hill was also a huge train enthusiast.  He enjoyed playing with trains ever since he was a young boy.  He had an incredible appetite for doing creative things…
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Johnny Reb III 15mm Quick Reference Chart

Johnny Reb III 15mm Quick Reference Chart When you are playing Johnny Reb III, it is nice to be able to refer to the quick reference chart for ease of available information on gaming scales, movement scale, turn sequence, order…
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Review of ADF: War in the West

TITLE:  Across A Deadly Field: War in the West AUTHOR: John Hill PUBLISHER: Osprey Publishing ISBN: 978-1472802644 PUBLICATION DATE: May 19, 2015 PRICE: $20.00 approximately – available both from Amazon and Barnes & Noble AVAILABLE IN KINDLE: YES LANGUAGE: English GENRE:…
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Fire & Movement Interview with John Hill

Fire & Movement Magazine was a founded in 1975 by Rodger MacGowan with its first publication in 1976 and ended in January 2010 with the last print issue totaling 150 print issues in all.  The focus of MacGown’s F&M magazine…
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Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

As most people who who have been to this website before, my father passed away earlier this year – a little over seven months ago.  This week marks what would have been my parents’ 47th wedding anniversary. My parents were…
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John Hill at ConsimWorld Expo 2011

My father, John Hill, was a regular attendee and facilitator at ConsimWorld which is an annual wargaming conference held during the summer.  In the video below is a glimpse of John facilitating one of his many famous wargames, Squad Leader. …
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John Hill Tribute at ConSimWorld 2015

ConsimWorld T-Shirt - Lt. John Hill

One of the biggest funnest gaming expos is wrapping up from a busy week in Tempe, Arizona near Phoenix. The 15th Annual ConsimWorld Expo 2015 occurred all last week representing many different types of tabletop games. Many gaming enthusiasts and…
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Memoriam from Armchair General

Armchair General is a magazine distributing company that publishes 11 award-winning magazines focusing on military history.  In addition to the print issues, Armchair General has an innovative unique online feature which permits the reader to determine the course of action in thought-provoking and challenging…
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Historicon 2015: Now in Session

Historicon 2015 Now in Session

Many gamers are now settled in at the Historicon 2015 in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  The theme for this year’s Historicon is the End of the Empires.  Many empires have risen to power and fallen again to include Napoleon’s French Empire which…
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Historicon 2015: Question & Answer

Historicon 2015

What is Historicon? Historicon is an annual historical gaming convention that happens every year in the month of July lasting over four days. Almost 4000 people from around the world come to Fredericksburg, Virginia to play in tournaments, attend seminars…
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John Hill: Remembered at Nashcon 2015

Trbiute Site - Memorial Table John Hill

Reviews of Nashcon 2015 Nashcon 2015 was a huge success. I have pulled together some reviews that were written by those who hosted some of the games which took place at this popular war gaming event in Franklin, Tennessee this past weekend….
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Check out John Hill’s newest releases

ADF- War in the West

Less than a month away before the official release of John Hill’s latest Across A Deadly Field – The War in the West (American Civil War)  Osprey Publishing will be releasing the latest release by John Hill May 19, 2015….
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