Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!


As most people who who have been to this website before, my father passed away earlier this year – a little over seven months ago.  This week marks what would have been my parents’ 47th wedding anniversary.

John & Luella Hill Wedding - 1968

John & Luella Hill Wedding – 1968

My parents were happily married for nearly a decade.  I say “this week” because they actually had two wedding ceremonies. They were first wed in Guadalajara which is located in the Western-Pacific region of Mexico.  Their second wedding ceremony was in the United States. They had to get married in both countries because the USA did not recognize the legitimacy of an international marriage at that time.

My parents met at Purdue University where they were both university students.  My father was studying history which is no surprise to anyone who knew my father and his passion for history, specifically military history which is what he ultimately received his bachelor’s degree in.  My mother was working towards a four year degree in elementary education.  She took courses in special education and teaching literacy to young students.  I would have to say I probably followed mostly in my mother’s footsteps by becoming a teacher.  However, I attribute the completion of my master’s degree in library science to my father because he was an avid reader and collector of books, although, they were all military history related.  It is no wonder my father used his passion to create wargames based on the various battles and war that our world has witnessed.

This has been a difficult week for my mother because it represents the first wedding anniversary without my father here.  It has been an emotional week for both her and myself.  I took my mother out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants last night to celebrate my parents anniversary.  Thank you everyone for all your sympathies and condolences on our loss.

John Hill as a Young Man at his Wedding to My Mother

John Hill as a Young Man at his Wedding

John & Lu Hill

John & Lu Hill: Later in the Years

This site serves to not only provide resources on wargaming as that was one of the things my father was known for, but to also demonstrate my father was a dedicated family man who cherished my mother as well as me and my children, his grandchildren.  As one of his friends mentioned during the time of his passing, he excelled in everything he did from having a successful happy marriage, a daughter and two grandchildren to having a successful professional career in military affairs to being successful in his hobbies to include fishing, and railroading.



  1. Pitin

    Your dad must be very proud of you Steph. He is definitely smiling from heaven now not only because you really took time to write about their anniversary, but because you are taking time and effort to put up this website in memory of him. I am sure your mom is proud of you as well. Happy wedding anniversary to your parents!

    1. Stephanie Hill

      Thank you so much for visiting today and leaving a very kind and tender-loving comment. I am sure he is proud of me. Please come back and visit to learn more about John Hill and his game designs to include Squad Leader and Johnny Reb.

  2. Michael Hills

    Nice honorable and honest page. History is important. Military history is, for me, incredibly interesting. Across The Deadly Field sounds amazing! I love war games. I played Rome Total War with my son, and recreated famous ancient battles. The saying: if you want peace, you must first prepare for war, says a lot about the history of the human-race. I think war games teach us about who we are, and what we are made of. What do you think?

    1. Stephanie Hill

      Hi Michael:

      Thank you for your comment. That is probably one of the nicest comments I have received thus far. I always enjoyed history too and my father had an incredible passion for military history, as he showed through his enthusiasm and detailed expertise in the war games he designed, such as ADF, Squad Leader and Johnny Reb. I agree that war games can be educational and teach use about who we are and where we came from. Thank you for visiting my website and leaving an awesome comment.

      Have a wonderful day!


  3. john

    Hey stephanie, your dad was an amazing man as is your mom, its easy to see it runs in the family, loosing a loved one is hard but look on what he achieved in his life,a great family and his professional career was outstanding, it was a moving post to read I hope you remember the good time to ease the pain of your loss…take care regards john

    1. Stephanie (Post author)

      Hi John:

      Thank you for the kind sentiments. You are correct. My father was an amazing man and he is greatly missed. As far as my father’s achievements, his war gaming career to include the design of Squad Leader and ADF were only a small piece of the pie. He had many more achievements in his lifetime. Watching videos of him receiving awards is one of the ways in which his family can remember the good times and all of his fabulous traits.


  4. Debra

    What a wonderful tibute to not only your dad by creating this website, but also to their anniversary. I send condolences to you and your mom. I’m sure it’s been a hard week for the two of you. You both are in my prayers

    1. Stephanie (Post author)

      Hi Debra:

      It has been a difficult week for sure. I am thrilled you enjoyed the tribute to what would have been their 47th anniversary. Many thanks for choosing to visit my website today. Please come back soon.


  5. larry

    Hey, Steph.

    Good seeing ya.

    I believe I saw one of your post on John before.

    I didn’t see the lifetime award, WOW!!

    Your a lucky woman to have both amazing parents.
    Smart you listen to them.

    Your talents, education and your love for both wonderful people shows, in your writings.

    My condolences to you and your mother.

    Inspiration comes to mind when I read about John and your Mother’s education.

    Both people are very giving as well, have to be. Explains why you are so giving of yourself.


    1. Stephanie Hill

      Hi Larry!

      Thank you for reading my article I wrote today about what would have been my parent’s 47th wedding anniversary. It has been a sad week for my Mother. I had thought briefly about returning to my prior teaching position and go back to work full-time, but this week showed me that it is too soon and there may never come a day when I could go back to the traditional job full time. I am needed to be at home full-time taking care of my Mom which is why building websites and working from home is important for me.

      My parents met and got married when they were young. Many well-meaning relatives did not approve saying that they were “too young” and that it would not work out. But, my parents proved them wrong.

      Thank you for the condolences to my Mother and I.

      Have a fabulous week and see you later.



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