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Summary of Game Rules for Johnny Reb III

John Hill

John Hill

Unit Organizations

  • Infantry Regiments – Four equal sized stands with no more than five figures per stand.  If regiment is larger than that, use separate battalions.
  • Cavalry Regiment – Four equal  sized stands with no more than three figures per stand. If regiment is larger than that, use separate battalions.
  • Artillery Battery – One gun stand represents one battery. Number of gunners on stand indicates number of sections in the battery.
  • Officers – One mounted officer figure for brigade commander, two for division and three or more corps.

Order Definitions

  • FrFirst Fire. Fire before any movement.
  • DDisengage. Cuts all causalities in half.
  • HHold. Unit may fire any time during turn.
  • CCharge. Charge nearest enemy unit.
  • Move. Move this Direction.
  • FmChange formation.  Takes 1/2 move, except green, skirmish or disorder – takes full move.

Gaming Scales

  • Ground Scale – 1 inch equals 50 yards
  • Time Scale – 1 turn equals 20 minutes
  • Soldier Scale – 1 figure equals 30 men
  • Gun Scale – 1 gun equals 1 battery

Movement Scale

  • 25mm – Use 1.5 inches for movement

    Johnny Reb

    Johnny Reb

  • 15mm – Use 1 inch for movement
  • 10mm – Use three-quarters inch for movement
  • 5mm – Use one-half inch for movement

How to Check Morale

With 2 die unit, must roll higher than its Modified Morale Point (MPM) to pass.  If not, unit fails and drops a morale level.  If it rolls a 2, it routs.  But, if unit rolls a 12, it rallies.

When to Check Morale

  1. When unit takes its first loss.
  2. 2. “Hit” by arty, shrpshttr, + 1 MPM (Modified Morale Point) per
  3. 3, When unit losses stand or section
  4. 4. If unit is within 6 inches, of routed or destroyed unit or officer killed.

For more information, refer to the Johnny-Reb-15mm-Quick-Reference-Chart-Two-Page

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  1. Bob Sweeney

    Still my favorite and used often on my gaming table! Thank you! Your father would have been proud of you.

    1. Stephanie Hill

      Hi Bob:

      It’s good to hear from you. I hope you are doing well. Be sure to check out the first 20 pages of the ADF Game Rules.



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