John Hill Memorial Games at Historicon 2016

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Additions to the John Hill Memorial Games

Historicon 2016 is coming up next month on July 14th- July 17th.   In my previous post, I gave some information about Historicon is and listed the events in which John Hill Memorial Games will be played.  I know there will be many wargamers who will be playing John’s games and a couple close personal friends of John’s who will be facilitating these games such as Patrick Lebeau and P.J. O’Neil.

There are two additions that have been added since I last posted the list of John Hill Memorial Games.  There are two more which will be held on Friday @ 2pm.  Be sure to check out the list and make your plans to be there.  The number of players is typically 2 to 6.

John HIll: HMGS Legion of Honor

In order to understand more about the contributions John made to the wargaming industry, it is important to first know that he was selected for membership in the HMGS Legion of Honor.

The HMGS Legion of Honor was established by the Chapter Board in 1995 specifically to provide a means by which the recipient of the Society’s lifetime achievement award, the Jack Scruby Award, might be chosen every other year. As such it was thought that members of the Legion should also be chosen for their distinguished service to the hobby if they were to act as electors for such an important process.Thus today the Legion acts as a self-electing honor society that not only decides the Scruby recipient, but also serves as a source of inspiration and achievement to which all miniature hobbyists might aspire. Currently the Legion may select up to two new members per year, and may select a Scruby awardee every other year.

John’s Games to be Played at Historicon 2016

The various games that John Hill designed which will be played at Historicon include:

Squad Leader
Cross of Iron
Johnny Reb III


Where to Stay

Historicon 2016 will be held at the Federicksburg Expo and Convention Center. Use the form below to find good hotels close to the convention center.

Comments Welcome

I hope you have found this post to be helpful to you as you begin to think about plans for attending Historicon 2016. Please leave comments below letting me know if I can help further in anyway.  As mentioned in my prior posts, if you are attending Historicon 2016, please feel free to share pictures by sending them to me at and I will post them to this website giving you credit for them.


  1. Cheryl

    Great post on a great subject. This page gives lots of information on a very good subject that a lot of people will be interested in. The layout of the site is excellent and flows very well. Good that there is also information on where people can stay while going to the games also on what is taking place during the games.

    1. Stephanie Hill

      Hi Cheryl:

      Thank you for taking the time to stop and check out my father’s tribute site. I appreciate that. I am also very grateful for the compliment on the layout and how well it flows. I tried to provide good information on Cheap Hotels and where wargamers can get the best deals.

      Stephanie (AKA John Hill’s Daughter)

  2. Zoey-Red LeFey

    Hello Stephanie,
    I am sorry for the loss of your father earlier this year. The website, a tribute to your father is amazing! Did you customize your website design? Historicon is going to be a major event this year, and you are doing a great job with getting the information out, especially resources for great hotels.

    1. Stephanie Hill

      Thank you Zoey. My father actually passed away last year, but thank you so kindly for the condolences. He always facilitated his games at Historicon. This year. Historicon 2016, will be the 2nd convention since his passing. Close friends of his are going to be facilitating his games such as Squad Leader and Johnny Reb. There will be 6 John Hill Memorial Games being played Historicon 2016 to be held in July.

      To answer your question, yes I did customize the website design, but I started out with a particular WordPress theme and then customized to best suit the purpose for the site.

      The hotels are offering great deals and I am hoping my website will help those gamers find good bargains.

  3. jazzy323

    These memorial games definitely seem interesting. Although I am not a fan of war games, it’s clear that John Hill was a revolutionary person in the niche of wargame designing. Do you also review each game, or recommend a personal favourite? I also hear that he is your grandfather? Is that true?

    1. Stephanie Hill


      Thanks for visiting my father’s tribute site. John Hill was my father, not my grandfather. He was indeed a revolutionary man in the niche of wargame design. You can peruse the list of wargames designed by John Hill. As far as personal favorites, Squad Leader was one of his most popular, but Johnny Reb was also very popular and each are still being played today around the world. Next Month, Historicon 2016 will be featuring six games that are dedicated to him, the John Hill Memorial Games.

      To answer you question regarding reviews, I do have a review of Across a Deadly Field: War in the West. That was the last rulebook my father wrote before he passed. He sent in the final edits one day before he went into the hospital and passed away three days later. ADF: War in the West came out in May 2015. four months after his passing.

      Thank you for checking out this website. Please let me know if you have anymore questions.


      Stephanie Hill (AKA John Hill’s Daughter)


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