Scenario Supplements – Possible Presentation Format



There are many ways to present scenario information. One way which is believed to be a useful method for the miniature wargamer is a two-page spread with the map on one page and the Order of Battle (OB) and other pertinent scenario information on the facing page. The advantage with this approach is it creates ease for the wargamer to photocopy both the map and OB and use those to set up the scenario on his game table, rather than trying to force his hardback book to lay flat.

Larger Scenarios

Larger scenarios may require a pair of two page spreads, one spread for the map and one for the OB. In either case, the map/OB spreads would be preceded by one or two pages placing the scenario in context of the overall campaign with appropriate maps along with uniform and weapon pictures. That would mean small battle scenarios would take three or four pages, while larger ones could take up to six pages.  Obviously, pictures and maps can be presented in almost any size, so there would be a lot of flexibility in terms of establishing the final page count. Half or full page discussions of the weapons and tactics of that particular battle could be dropped in between the scenarios to provide background information or to “set the scene”. For example, the scenario on Brandy Station could be preceded by a descriptive page on eastern civil war cavalry.


There are many advantages to playing wargames and testing out possible presentation formats:

  • To test hypotheses and strategies
  • To be able to re-enact real life situations
  • To demonstrate how differing personalities can influence decision making
  • To acquire an insight into implementation issues


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