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  1. Wargaming Fanatic

    I was searching on Google and I came across your website to your father and I had to spend sometime looking around at all of the pages which you took such great care in creating.

    Although I never met your father John Hill I so wish I had. I did not even know he passed away and he was so young – only 69 you said? I am deeply sadden by this loss. Let me tell you why – I was always a huge fan of his works. I remember when my old man taught me how to play my first wargame. I believe it was one of your father’s – Battle of Stalingrad. I was hooked from that point on. My own father and I started a small wargaming group where we played ACW miniature wargames and most of them were designed by your father.

    I went to your obituary link that you have posted for your father on the additional links page. Did you write that obituary for your father. It is wonderfully written.

    Thank you for posting the pages to his ADF Summary Rules and Reference Charts. I went through each of them and they will provide very useful information to any ADF wargame player.

    1. Stephanie (Post author)

      Hello Wargaming Fanatic:

      Thank you for stopping today and checking out my tribute site to my father. I wish you had met my father as well. It sounds like he would have enjoyed hearing about your enthusiasm. Your story about how you got hooked onto wargaming by your own father teaching you how to play one of my father’s earlier games, Battle of Stalingrad, is very touching. Thank you for sharing that with me and everyone who is reading these comments.

      In answer to your question, yes I did write my father’s obituary. Thank you for the compliment on it. It was, of course, the hardest piece of literature I ever had to write – with tears streaming down my cheeks and my mother sitting next to me, reading it as I wrote it. We had a close friend of my father’s, Rob Kresky, author of the Warbonnet Series, who dedicated his last book to my father provide some feedback since he is a published writer.

      Thank you for visiting today and please be sure to return.


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    Thanks a lot for sharing!

    1. Stephanie (Post author)

      You are certainly welcome. Have a great day!


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