Welcome to Across Deadly Fields: A Legacy to John Hill

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As many of you are aware of, John Hill passed away unexpectedly from heart failure on January 12, 2015.  However, he left behind an awesome legacy for many of his wargaming fans and friends, not to mention his family. He was a successful wargamer, railroader, military analyst and family man.  I am John Hill’s daughter, and I have created this website as a tribute to him and to allow everyone who knew and admired him and his works to leave stories, comments and anything else you wish to say about him or about ADF.  There were so many people whose lives were affected or improved by the drive and ambition my father demonstrated throughout his 69 years.  Many of his long-time friends, associates, colleagues and fellow wargamers were deeply saddened by this sudden loss.  So many were unable to attend the services in New Mexico in January.  Therefore, I wanted to create a way to carry on his legacy and for everyone whose lives were touched by John and by ADF to have a chance to share their thoughts, comments, game strategy ideas or whatever you wish to add.

I know a Facebook tribute page was created and there are many other sites featuring his talents . There is also a Wikipedia page about my father. However, I wanted to also create this website/blog, a single place where you can post comments and ideas regarding ADF as well as links to write-ups, interviews, articles, reviews and other information resources available about ADF and/or John Hill.  One of the most recent and detailed write-ups about his accomplishments appears in the magazine Armchair General.

Even following his passing, his legacy continues with a new Across Deadly Fields (ADF) book through Osprey Publishing, to be released May 2015.

Thank you to each of you for being a wonderful part of this well renounced wargame designer. Happy Gaming!


Stephanie Hill


  1. Phoebe

    Hi Stephanie,

    What a wonderful way to remember this wonderful man and to share his legacy. He must be very proud of you 🙂

    Can’t wait to read more…


    1. Stephanie

      Hi Phoebe:

      Thank you for leaving a comment regarding this tribute site to my father. I hope you are able to spend some time here and check out all the latest new posts. My late father was indeed a wonderful man whom had many admirers and fans. Thank you again! Please continue to visit.


  2. Adrian

    Sounds like your father was a great man! I think what you’re doing for him, his fans and his legacy is very honorable and admirable.

    1. Stephanie

      Thank you Adrian. Those are some very sweet words. I am hoping his fans appreciate it.

  3. Papa Dave

    Hi, Stephanie! I am sorry for the loss of your father! I came upon your site and was intrigued with it. I am totally unfamiliar with the topic and found it interesting. I will try and stop back occasionally to see what’s developing.

    1. Stephanie Hill (Post author)

      Please do. As you can see, it is still in the development phase.


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