Historicon 2016 Follow Up

Historicon 2016 Follow Up Historicon 2016 was a huge success. Patrick LeBeau, longtime friend of John Hill, did a series of two hour short games and a big game on Saturday. They were all Squad Leader, translated to miniatures. They…
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John Hill Memorial Games at Historicon 2016

Historicon 2016

Additions to the John Hill Memorial Games Historicon 2016 is coming up next month on July 14th- July 17th.   In my previous post, I gave some information about Historicon is and listed the events in which John Hill Memorial…
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Historicon 2016: Online Registration Open

About Historicon Historicon is the largest gaming convention of its kind in the North American region. It is devoted to historical miniature wargaming and sponsored by the HMGS (Historical Miniatures Gaming Society. Last year I wrote a couple articles about Historicon…
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CHALDEA: War Room Online

One of John Hill’s fellow wargamers and long-time friends who has been mentioned before on this site, Duke Seifried, has been casted in Chadlea, a new  innovative high fantasy transmedia graphic novel series.  Graphic novels have been around for a while…
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Reviews of Historicon 2015

Below are reviews from wargamers who attended Historicon 2015 in Fredricksburg, Virginia. I had a great time at Historicon.  Dean, your Champion Hill table with smaller scale terrain was GREAT.  It captured the perfect feel for the size of the…
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Photos @ Historicon 2015

Group photo from Historicon

Pictures from Historicon 2015 in Fredericksburg, Virginia this past weekend are posted below.  Thank you to P.J. O’Neil for sharing them.  According to P.J., Historicon was “epic and spectacular event” and a great success. Good gaming was had by all!…
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Historicon 2015: Now in Session

Historicon 2015 Now in Session

Many gamers are now settled in at the Historicon 2015 in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  The theme for this year’s Historicon is the End of the Empires.  Many empires have risen to power and fallen again to include Napoleon’s French Empire which…
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Historicon 2015: Question & Answer

Historicon 2015

What is Historicon? Historicon is an annual historical gaming convention that happens every year in the month of July lasting over four days. Almost 4000 people from around the world come to Fredericksburg, Virginia to play in tournaments, attend seminars…
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End of Empires: Theme of Historicon

Carthaginian Empire

A Historical Look at Our Empires Throughout our world history dating back 500 plus decades, many empires have risen and declined. We have read countless books and articles and scanned through educational webpages relating to our world history on the…
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