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Scattering my Father (John Hill) Ashes along the Atlantic Ocean

If you have been following my prior posts, you will know that my father (John Hill) passed away on January 12, 2015 of this year.  My mother and I saved up and made plans to take a trip to the Atlantic Ocean to scatter my father’s ashes.  We had a successful trip and accomplished what we set out to do.  Be sure to watch the video I created on my mother scattering her beloved husband’s ashes.   We woke up early one morning prior to sunrise, I made us breakfast and we drove out to the beach house and scattered his ashes using flower petals to track the stream of ashes and I recorded the ceremony using my SmartPhone.

About Ash Scattering

Ash scattering is a method of showing tribute to a deceased loved one by releasing a part of him or her to a place which had special meaning.   Once a body is cremated, the remains are often referred to as cremains.  They are not ashes in the traditional sense of the word.  What the cremains are really are small bone fragments which have been pulverized.   They have sand-like consistency and have visible whitish bone pieces.   Cremationss or ashes as we typically refer to them as,  can be kept or released in a variety of ways and in places where were special to the deceased.  Many loved ones choose to hang on to a larger portion of the ashes as a remembrance which we have done.  We only took one small bag of ashes to South Carolina to scatter them along the ocean at Hilton Head Beach, as place that was special to each of my parents.  Hilton Head was my parent’s  favorite vacation spot for many years and it only seemed fitting to release a portion of my father’s cremations at that same spot.

First Ash Scattering: Atlantic Ocean

The first scattering of my father’s ashes was as we were observing the sunrise overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.    This first picture was taken by a kind passerby who was curious as to what we were doing and when we explained, she offered to take our picture.

My Mother and I after scattering some of my father's ashes

My Mother and I after scattering some of my father’s ashes

These two photos are of my mother actually scattering her deceased beloved husband’s ashes along the ocean.  She is using flower petals to track the stream of the ash flow.

Mom Scattering Some of John's Ashes

Mom Scattering Some of John’s Ashes

Lu Scattering John's Ashes

Lu Scattering John’s Ashes

Below is a short video of my mother scattering my father’s ashes.  This link will take you to my Facebook page where I uploaded the original video. If you are already not on my Facebook, please feel free to submit a friend request and I will oblige.

Video of My Mum Scattering My Father's Cremations

Video of My Mum Scattering My Father’s Cremations

Second Ash Scattering: The ChartHouse Restaurant

When my parents visited Hilton Head, they never left before visiting my father’s favorite restaurant which was The ChartHouse which was situated on the ocean.  The pictures below are taken at sunset around dinner time (6:45pm).  We walked to the end of the pier and scattered his ashes at the sun was setting on yet another gorgeous day in Hilton Head.

Mom Scattering Dad's Ashes at The ChartHouse overlooking the sunset.

Mom Scattering Dad’s Ashes at The ChartHouse overlooking the sunset.

The Pier at the ChartHouse

The Pier at the ChartHouse

Third Ash Scattering: The Marsh at Disney Hilton Head

The place my parents always stayed at while visiting Hilton Head was the same place we stayed at – Disney Hilton Head Beach Resort.  We scattered the remainder of what we brought of  my father’s ashes down by the marsh once again as the sun was setting.

Me Scattering My Father's Ashes

Me Scattering My Father’s Ashes

My Mom and I (Lu & Steph) by the marsh at Disney Hilton Head after scattering my father's ashes

My Mom and I (Lu & Steph) by the marsh at Disney Hilton Head after the scattering my father’s ashes

Love to Hear From Everyone

Thank you for taking the time to read my latest post on a tribute to John Hill, game designer of ADF , Squad Leader and many more.   As always, I would love to hear from anyone who would care to comment.  I will reply shortly.  May peace be with you.



  1. Duke (Bruce) Seifried

    Annette and I are certain John was smiling down on you as you scattered John’s cremains.

    Love and hugs to you both,
    Duke and Annette

    1. Stephanie (Post author)

      Thank you Uncle Duke. I would have to agree with you. I am certain he was smiling as well. Sometimes I can feel him around us. Thank you for always taking the time to read my posts and contribute to the commentary.


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