Video of PPT Shown at John’s Memorial


The week my father passed away, I spent hours putting together a PowerPoint slideshow to be viewed at the memorial service my mother and I planned together.  We held the memorial service on January 18, 2015 at his favorite restaurant for which my mother and father frequented, Dinner for Two, in Santa Fe, New Mexico.   You can either access the PowerPoint itself on the Additional Links page at the bottom or click on the image below which will take you to my Vimeo account where I created and uploaded the video format of the PowerPoint.

Slideshow PPT viewed at  John Hill's Memorial Service in January 2015

Slideshow PPT viewed at John Hill’s Memorial Service in January 2015


  1. Norris Darrall

    Good job Steph. Easy to forget we were young once. Thanks.

    1. Stephanie (Post author)

      Hi Norris!

      Thank you. Yes, it is indeed easy to forget we were once young. I am glad you enjoyed it.



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