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My father, John Hill, has been well remembered for his numerous achievements and awards he had won. John was the top of his game in the wargame industry.  The below video is of John receiving the Ed Blomgren/Winston Hamilton Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award at ConSim World Expo 2007   In the video below my father talks about how many feel the wargaming niche is not as popular as it used to be, but gestures to a a board room full of enthusiastic gamers enjoying the camaraderie of being a part of creating new possible historical scenarios at ConSim World.

Below is an image of the plaque my father was presented with in the above video from 2007.

Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award 2007

Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award 2007

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  1. Larry Clark

    An interesting design for your tribute. My sons only met my Father on a couple occasions. This site gives me an idea to let them get to know their Grandfather.

    History has always been a fascinating subject to me. My 3rd Great Grandfather served aboard a gunboat in March of 1862 when the ironclads had their famous battle. He wrote home about what was happening at Hampton Roads, VA. It is interesting to read about the battle from original letters that are now over 150 years old.

    I saw that your Father made a game of the Civil War. Did he do anything about the naval battles?

    1. Stephanie (Post author)

      Hi Larry:

      Thank you for visiting my father’s tribute site. Since your boys did not know your own father very well, I think putting together a book or even a website in which your sons can learn about their grandfather is a great way to keep the memories alive for you and also gives your kids a connection to their own hereditary past.
      Thank you for sharing your story of your third great Grandfather. It is neat to hear what our ancestors.
      In answer to your question, my father designed many ACW (American Civil War) games to include Squad Leader and Johnny Reb, but he did little with naval battles. Although, he did do Battle of Stalingrad which was World War II.

      Thank you again for visiting.


  2. Kendy

    Great tribute to your father. I’m not a gamer, but have 2 sons in law that are. I’ll definitely pass on this post to them.

    1. Stephanie (Post author)

      Hi Kendy:

      I enjoyed the video as well. I hope your two sons-in-law enjoy the website. Be sure to tell them to leave a comment if they have any questions for me about any of my father’s games.


  3. Dave Sweney

    Wow, Your father is a legend for sure! Congrats to him for his achievments! This is a big time recognition and not given out lightly to just anyone.

    Now I see how your passion for online business comes in, it is in your genes! You can be proud of his accomplishments for sure…

    A question for you…Did you ever consider following in his footsteps in this genre? I am sure over the the years the two of you had lots of conversations..Think about it!

    Cheers and thanks for brightening my day, I like to hear about successful people and their stories…

    : )

    1. Stephanie Hill

      Hi Dave:

      Thank you for watching the video of my father being received the Ed Blomgren/Winston Hamilton Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award for contributions made to Conflict Simulation Gaming. My father worked hard and as you indicated, was definitely passionate about what he loved doing.

      Thank you for the compliment on my passion for creating a business online. I guess perhaps I did inherit some of my father’s drive and ambitions.

      As far as answering your question whether I have considered following in his footsteps in his genre and the conversations we had over the years, I have vivid memories of my father teaching me how to play war games when I was less than eight years old. We had a basement in our ranch style house in Indiana and he devoted the entire basement to painting his miniature wargame figurines and had a huge wargaming table. He used to invite many of his gaming buddies over to play and I would sit and watch them. I always found it interesting to watch my father explain in extreme detail how the rules were to be carried out. As I grew older, I developed other interests such as swimming competitively from age five until I left for college as well as gymnastics and tumbling.

      One thing I inherited from my father is his love of reading and writing. I enjoy reading and learning new things as well as writing and so did my father.

      Thank you again for the kind words.


  4. Brandon

    Hi Stephanie,

    Thanks for sharing the video of your father John Hill receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award. He seems like he was extremely passionate about the war gaming niche! I’ve played several different war games in the past myself and learned much about our world history as a result. I believe I even remember playing one of your father’s games – Battle of Stalingrad I think it was. It’s nice to get a little background information on one of the most famous well known war game designers out there. All in all, this website is a great tribute site to your father.

    Thanks for sharing! I look forward to reading more about the many contributions your father made.

    1. Stephanie Hill

      Hi Brandon:

      Thank you for watching the video of my father receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award at ConSim World in 2007. I am glad you have played several wargames in the past to include one of my father’s Battle of Stalingrad. He has also designed Squad Leader and Johnny Reb which you may have heard of since you have played several wargames in the past.

      Have a great day!



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