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CHALDEA: War Room Online

One of John Hill’s fellow wargamers and long-time friends who has been mentioned before on this site, Duke Seifried, has been casted in Chadlea, a new  innovative high fantasy transmedia graphic novel series.  Graphic novels have been around for a while…
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Reviews of Historicon 2015

Below are reviews from wargamers who attended Historicon 2015 in Fredricksburg, Virginia. I had a great time at Historicon.  Dean, your Champion Hill table with smaller scale terrain was GREAT.  It captured the perfect feel for the size of the…
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Duke Seifried Says Goodbye to John

  I have lost a great dear friend.     We shared many moments of warm camaraderie not only over a game table but in our personal lives.    John was a tremendous creative force.    His accomplishments are considerable:   from seminal board games…
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