ADF Game Rules

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Did you love playing Avalon Hill war board games when you were growing up and still do?  John Hill (1945-2015)  created Squad Leader by Avalon Hill and now he has a new game coming out in a couple weeks.  It is Across a Deadly Field. The game scales of Across a Deadly Field are designed for relatively quick play of large battles in a relatively small space within a moderate time span.  That is not to say the rules will not work for small battles, because they will. Many smaller scenarios will give a very satisfying afternoon of 19th century miniature combat.  However, the real strength of these rules is that they enable the gamer to re-fight larger battles in less space than an over-sized conference table and in less time than a full three day weekend while still showing regiment and battery details.   The ground scales are based on the size of the figures being used and are listed on the newly created ADF Game Rules page.  Check it out!


  1. K

    ADF looks like fun. Haven’t heard of it until I read your post. It looks like it takes skill, which is good for any game. I think it would make a good gift.

    1. Stephanie

      Thank you K! It would make a good gift for anyone who enjoys military strategic planning scenarios. Thank you for visiting my site.



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