Johnny Reb

Happy New Year Wargamers!

Happy New Year Everyone! Our Family’s News It has been an eventful year for our family.  My son, Anthony, John Hill’s grandson, graduated from high school.  One of the things that Anthony said when my mother and I took him…
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Historicon 2016 Follow Up

Historicon 2016 Follow Up Historicon 2016 was a huge success. Patrick LeBeau, longtime friend of John Hill, did a series of two hour short games and a big game on Saturday. They were all Squad Leader, translated to miniatures. They…
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Epilogue of Johnny Reb III

What Was It Really Like? A letter below written by my father, John Hill, in 1996 in regards to being asked the ancient old question, “What was it really like fighting in the Civil War?” How did those soldiers really…
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Johnny Reb III 15mm Quick Reference Chart

Johnny Reb III 15mm Quick Reference Chart When you are playing Johnny Reb III, it is nice to be able to refer to the quick reference chart for ease of available information on gaming scales, movement scale, turn sequence, order…
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Awards Earned by John Hill

Charles Roberts Award ~ Hall of Fame Origins 1979 ~ John Hill

With his sudden passing, my father, John Hill, leaves behind an impressive legacy.  Though he left this world way too early at the young age of 69, he did not leave without having achieved much recognition for his dedication to his…
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Adding a Squad Leader and Johnny Reb Page

Hello: I have added two new pages to the site. I have added a Squad Leader and a Johnny Reb page. Although still in the working stages, the content will consist of background information on Johnny Reb and Squad Leader…
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