squad leader wargame, squad leader by john hill


  1. Kenny Smith

    Thanks for sharing an idea that has brought me and my brother so many hours of fun and time together and joy of playing one of the most satisfactory WWII Infantry board games in my life time.
    I will never forget the day we sat down together and looked trough a list of board games to buy and decided this is the one “Squad Leader” and we have never really played anything after that.
    I lost my brother in 1985 and my father in 2015, this game is some ways my happy place as uncle Remus would say.
    Thank you,

    1. Stephanie (Post author)

      Hi Kenny:
      It put a smile on my face when I read about your “happy place” (as your Uncle Remus would call it) being a memory of a time you and your brother were playing Squad Leader, one of my father’s most notable game designs. I know my father would also be smiling to learn that he was the inspiration and innovator behind the infantry combat board game that brought closeness between you and your brother and fond memories for the two of you.

      I am sorry for your loss of your brother in 1985 and your father in 2015 which, of course, is the same year that John Hill, my father, the Squad Leader designer, went up to Heaven. I am sure your brother, your father, and my father are all together in Heaven playing wargames.

      Thank you for the kind comment, reading my article and visiting my website. Your message certainly touched my heart. Have a wonderful day!



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